It all started when…

Kaliisa is a photographer inspired by nature, color, and light. As a photographer, she specializes in portrait, architecture, nature and travel imagery.  Her artwork has been exhibited at The de Young Museum, Pacific Film Archives, Artist Television Access, and Avante Garde Los Angeles. 

Kaliisa explores her fascination with the natural world and her creativity is enriched by eastern practices including meditation, yoga, feng shui and acupuncture. Kaliisa is influenced by experiences at Buddhist temples in Japan, traditional shaman rituals, and the ancient Teotihuacan pyramids of the sun and moon in Mexico.

Kaliisa grew up in the emerald city of Eugene, Oregon and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors from California College of the Arts, specializing in photography and new media. She has lived along the west coast in the cities of Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs.

Kaliisa enjoys frequent visits to uplifting nature destinations listening to music, traveling, adventuring and taking photos.