Creative collaboration, mutual respect, communication and patience are the foundation of my business practice. When working with clients, my priority is to bring their vision to life. No detail is too small,  I work meticulously as an artist and technician to to create truly special imagery with the my clients. Below is a sampling of some the individuals I am lucky to collaborate with. They are each so talented, special and gifted. Peruse their websites when you have a chance, and thank you for your interest.


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Ongoing Project by Photographer Angie Smith

Stronger Shines the Light Inside is an ongoing photography project that tells the personal stories of refugees in the United States. In 2015, Los Angeles-based photographer Angie Smith began documenting refugees rebuilding their lives in Boise, Idaho. She’s since photographed communities in Salt Lake City, Albany, New York, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon.

Stronger Shines the Light Inside helps Americans understand the complexities, struggles, and personal triumphs that refugees here in the States experience in their everyday lives.  

As a background, I have the lucky privilege of meeting esteemed photographer Angie Smith when we were kids in Eugene, Oregon. Art brought our paths back together 10 years later through a mutual passion for art and spirituality. Her photography is heartfelt. Watching her work as a photographer is magical. As dear friend and artist, Angie is full of genuine depth, hope, resilience and soul power.

I have had the honor to work on some of the post production for this project, with a focus on acheiveing cohesive color balance, contrast and saturation. The challenge of a project this comprehensive in scale is to create visual cohesion. Angie is a master photographer, and a joy to work with ~ we vibe on the same wave length, which makes our collaborations very special. 



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